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M256COC - Cuadra brown casual lambskin woven blouson jacket for women

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Cuadra woman´s jacket in genuine sheepskin with woven leather applications throughout, features 2 side pockets and a central zipper with golden hardware.

  • Trend: Artisan Origin
  • Technique: Weave
  • Finishing: Shine
  • Care: Avoid exposing to sharp objects, the jacket, the skin, can be damaged, do not rub with force, do not wet. Maintenance: Clean with a soft, slightly damp cloth to remove dirt

Fit: This jackets come a little bit reduced, so we suggest, for example, that if you are a Small, to buy a Medium.

Leather Care: Do not expose to direct light for long periods of time, it could change the tone. Avoid rubbing excessively and/or robustly, it may get damaged. Do not get wet or expose to temperatures higher than 149°F.

Maintenance: In shoes, boots, wallets, belts and some bags, wipe with a soft and slightly damp cloth (with clean water) to remove dust and let it dry. Apply natural or color cream and then use a polishing sponge. If it's exotic leather, always polish in the direction of the scale. Note: not recommended for jackets.